Hot Water Dispensers and Taps

Providing a Plentiful Supply of Hot Water on Demand

Hot Water Dispensers

Counter Top Hot Water Dispenser

Counter Top Boiler

When you need a dedicated hot water supply for making tea and coffee, our counter top mains-fed water boilers will meet and exceed your requirements.

  • Instantly available hot water
  • Water dispensed at up to 99 degrees
  • Over 100 cups per hour
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Wall Mounted Hot Water Dispenser

Wall Mounted Boiler

Similar to our counter top version, this unit gives a plentiful supply of near boiling water for your drinks needs.

  • Wall mounted to save space
  • Compact and easy to use
  • WRAS approved

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EZY Hot Water Tap

EZY Hot Water Tap

The EZY hot water tap is an excellent addition to any kitchen area and depending on the model can also supply chilled water for all your refreshment needs.

  • Compact and stylish
  • 24cm dispense height for jugs and bottles
  • Available in hot and ambient or hot and chilled

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